I have had the opportunity to minister both nationally and internationally presenting the truth of the Good News of Jesus Christ.

I began preaching, teaching, and ministering in 2002 right out of high school. When I think about starting in ministry, I think back to my very first opportunity to preach. I wish I could have recorded my first sermon because it was AWFUL. I was given 30 minutes to preach, but it only lasted 34 seconds, I stared at the ground the whole time, and I’m sure I mumbled my words.

Even though it was awful and I thought I would never preach again, it turned out to be a great learning experience and a pretty embarrassing one as well.

Since then I’ve grown, learned and made plenty more mistakes but kept going. I’ve had the opportunity since 2002 to impact the lives of hundreds of people through the gospel of Jesus Christ and see hundreds come to Christ in the process.


I am a life long student of the Gospel.  My goal for preaching or teaching is simple, and that is to challenge Christ followers to become more like Christ.  That encompasses a lot of different subtopics, but my primary goal is to see more believers become wholly devoted.



Daron’s passion and trust in God’s Word comes through his voice and gets communicated through his messages. His attention to study and thorough research comes across well. I know as a listener I am in “good hands” because I know he has prepared. He is truly ready in and out of season. He love’s God’s Word and he seems to love to communicate His truth to others. His passion for people to understand that God is real is authentic.

Kelly P.


Daron accepted an invitation to speak to our congregation and I am thankful he did.  His message was timely and well received by our church family.  Although Daron was a relative stranger to most, the delivery of his message did not reveal any nervousness or hesitation.  He was prepared and prayed up!  I am currently working with Daron in finding a date to have him preach once again at New Beginnings Assembly of God.

Pastor B
New Beginnings Assembly of God


Daron’s ability to minister in preaching is something I enjoy listening to. He is well studied. He obviously spends time doing research to create a connection to prove relativity to what he’s sharing on. He researches the text he preaches on to bring out thoughts that may not have been thought of before. He relates with the people that are listening. Keeps people’s attention. Facial expressions cause people to stay connected as well as the thought provoking comments made. Uses scripture and stays close to the text to keep the idea through the whole sermon. Humor is something he uses to keep people connected to the content of the message.

Greg P



Thank you for the consideration of having Daron at your event, we hope that we can come and serve you in some way.




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